June 2022 Minutes

La Crosse Logan Alumni Association Minutes

27 June 2022

Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm.

Attended by Donna Viner, Gary Brauer, Tom Olson, Peggy Klich, Dan Wilhelm, Steve Duffrin, Eric Martin, Sue Hammond

Wally is out after surgery, no school report.

May Minutes

Eric Martin moved to approve the minutes of the May meeting, seconded by Donna.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Moved to approve by Tom Olson, seconded by Peggy, motion carried.

Golf Outing

Peggy is volunteering.  We have sponsored two holes.

Old Business

Quilt Raffle

We have sold 125 sets of 3.  We have sold half of the tickets: 80 at the spring craft show and more at the chicken cue or to people Sue knows.  Sue’s plan is to sell at two of the fall football games.  She would like a helper at each of those.  Sue will sell the remainder of the tickets at the fall craft show.  Regardless of how many tickets are sold, sales will end after the fall craft show and the drawing will take place at the subsequent alumni board meeting.

Steve Hole Memorial
We will do something but still need to talk to Mary.  Probably a one-year scholarship. Gary will reach out.

Memorial for Greta Lake Kind
We will do something similar to what we have planned for Steve Hole.  Dan Wilhelm will reach out to Ron Kind.

New Business

Peggy was contacted by Ella Stoker from the class of 1951.  They gifted the money in their class’s fund to the Alumni Association, as they are all turning 89 this year and will probably not have further reunions.

We need to get our yearbook collection updated.

We also need to get our graduation lists updated.  We should talk to student services.

Next meeting is Monday, July 18th at 6pm in the LMC.

Motion to adjourn by Peggy, seconded by Eric.

Meeting adjourned at 6:34.

June 2022 Obituaries

Lenore Italiano Hoefner – 1951
Jacqueline “Jackie” Bruha Rhomberg – 1954
Lauren “Mort” LaFleur – 1959
Norman Potaracke – 1961
Robert “Bob” Saluzzi – 1963
Ronnie “Ron” Weldon – 1964
Kathy Lou Craig – 1966
Colin Roger Carrimon – 1968
Richard “Rick” Whitmer – 1969
Raymond “Ray” Wurzel – 1974

May 2022 Obituaries

Ruby Marilyn Thompson Dingeldein – 1944
Charlene Barrett Marshall – 1949
Virginia Wekseth Nelson – 1951
Robert “Bud” Smith – 1951
Shirley Ann Lee Drescher – 1952
David Hardie – 1956
Michael La Fleur, Jr. – 1956
Donald Smith – 1958
Dennis Norton – 1965
Steven Hole – 1968
William Huset – 1997
Jason Schaller – 1998

Obituaries reported for April 2022.

Obituaries reported in April 2022
Myrtle Kleinschmidt Briggs – ’48
Donald Smith – ’58
Pat Haugen Wing – ’58
Theresa Melde Mattison – ’68
Rick Whitmer – ’69
Randy Robert Gruntzel – ’76
Robert “Bob” Prise – ’77
Scott Kleinhaus – ’79
Donald Koel – ’80
Brooke Mae Olson – ’13

Board of Directors Minutes – April 2022

La Crosse Logan Alumni Association Board of Directors Minutes
18 April 2022
Meeting called to order at 6:02 pm.
Attended by Steve Hole, Donna Viner, Gary Brauer, Tom Olson, Peggy Klich, Dan Wilhelm, Steve Duffrin, Deb Ames, Terry Erickson, and Sue Hammond
School Report from Wally
Convocation in the MPR on Sunday, April 24th.
Prom is May 7th.
Seniors finish early.
Graduation at La Crosse Center at 5pm Friday, May 27th.
March Minutes
Moved to approve by Deb Ames, Seconded by Tom Olson, motion carried.
Treasurer’s report
Moved to approve by Peggy Klich, seconded by Deb Ames, motion carried.
Chicken Q
We are still selling tickets this week.
Get yard signs from Gary and put them up after Tuesday.
Chicken Q is inside at the bar.
We will also be able to sell raffle tickets for the quilt.
Donna still has the banner.
Obituaries delivered by Donna
Myrtle Kleinschmidt Briggs – ’48
Donald Smith – ’58
Pat Haugen Wing – ’58
Theresa Melde Mattison – ’68
Rick Whitmer – ’69
Randy Robert Gruntzel – ’76
Robert “Bob” Prise – ’77
Scott Kleinhaus – ’79
Donald Koel – ’80
Brooke Mae Olson – ’13
Old Business
Terry Erickson delivered a list of proposed changes. No discussion. Terry is resigning from the board.
New Business
Next meeting is Tuesday, May 16th at 6pm in the LMC.
Move to adjourn by Donna, seconded by Peggy. Meeting adjourned at 6:31.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – March 2022

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – 21 March 2022

Present: Dan Wilhelm, Peggy Klich, Eric Martin, Deb Ames, Gary Brauer, Steve Hole, Donna Viner, & Steve Duffrin
1. Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm.
2. No meeting last month because we did not establish a quorum.
3. January minutes approved. Moved by Eric, seconded by Peggy.
4. Treasurer’s reports approved for January-February and February-March. Moved by Steve Hole, seconded by Eric Martin.
5. Chicken-Q sign-up and discussion
No drive-thru service this year, deliveries will be available.
6. Help requested for the Booster Club Golf Tournament
July 11, 2022 at the La Crosse Country Club in Onalaska
Help is needed at registration and selling raffle tickets afterwards.
7. School report
8. Awards company discussion & switch to 5th Avenue Awards Moved by Donna Viner and seconded by Peggy Klich
9. Old business – none
10. New business – quilt raffle sales were great at the craft show. Tickets still available at 3 for $5.
Next meeting on Monday, 18 April 2022 at 6pm.