Scholarship Loyalty Drive

Donations to the scholarship endowment fund can be made at any time. Since we are hoping to start to give second year scholarships to Logan graduates, we are planning on a promotion drive called “Scholarship Loyalty Drive”. We will post donations by class on the Alumni web site and have some class competition. Use the form below to participate in the Loyalty Drive Campaign. 


Download Scholarship Drive Form


Donations as of August 2018

Class of 1941-$25

Class of 1948-$200

Class of 1951 -$20

Class of 1955-$3,100
Class of 1956-$25
Class of 1961-$200

Class of 1963-$160

Class of 1965-$50

Class of 1966-$200

Class of 1968-$100

Class of 1969-$100
Class of 1980-$500

Class of 1993-$100

Class of 1997-$1997

Faculty- $100

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