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The “Pride of the North Side” New Uniform Campaign


Our very own Logan High School Band, known as the “Pride of the North Side” has begun a capital campaign to replace the current marching band uniforms which were purchased in 1994.  The uniforms have been cared for extremely well, but are beginning to show signs of their age with emergency repairs being needed every time the students dress for a performance.  The band plans to retire the current uniform set after the 2019-20 school year and unveil the new uniforms in the fall of 2020.  The typical lifespan of a marching band uniform is around 20 years and by the end of the 2019-20 school year, the uniforms will have provided 25 years of service to our students.


As you can imagine the cost to replace an entire set of marching band uniforms is not cheap.  At today’s standards, each uniform will cost approximately 500.00 to replace.  With an order of around 130, it will put the approximate replacement cost at 65,000.00.  While this seems like an enormous amount of money, remember that generations of our students will be able to proudly represent Logan High School for 20+ years.   


The Logan Band Parent Association has been working hard fundraising for this effort.  Besides the Logan Antique Show, which the LBPA has been hosting for the past 19 years, our parents and students have been getting donations by helping the Chamber of Commerce, and Ashley for the Arts.  They have also started a GO FUND ME campaign.


We are reaching out to everyone, including community members and alumni, to get the word out.  Please join us for this most worthwhile campaign to put the “Pride of the North Side” into new uniforms.

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